Kanahi Yamashita was born in 1997, in Nagasaki, Japan to classical guitarist, Kazuhito Yamashita, and composer, Keiko Fujiie. She was trained by her parents in various aspects of music and started playing the guitar at five years old and released albums alongside her family. Since 2004, Kanahi was part of Kazuhito Yamashita Family Quintet (alongside her father, her sister and two brothers,) with original compositions by her mother and were traveling to Europe, the United States of America, and Asia. At thirteen years old, she made her debut as a soloist while giving international performances with her father until she furthered her musical training in Berlin at the Berlin University of the Arts.

Berlin bore significance to Kanahi thanks to its international cultural and musical scene. Since her arrival, she continues to do further music training with Carlo Domeniconi, and further her studies with Professor Thomas Müller-Pering. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree with distinction in 2018. Following her graduation, she is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Guitar and is studying vocal pedagogy as a double degree.
In 2016, Kanahi obtained her scholarship from the Yamaha Music Foundation for three years. Four years later, she obtained her scholarship from the Rohm Music Foundation, which is still ongoing until August 2022. She was also a semi-finalist in the 2017 66th ARD International Music Competition in Munich. Moreover, she garnered the German Guitar Award in 2019 in Darmstadt. In that same year, she won first place at VNC Competition and the silver medal for string virtuoso players at the third Berliner International Competition.
As a professional guitarist, Kanahi is invited to peform in various international venues, such as in Berlin, Istanbul, Tokyo, Vienna, and Wrocław. Furthermore, she performed in Berlin’s Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt. She also does other chamber music performances with miscellaneous artists and musicians. Additionally, Kanahi’s new album, Selected Works VIII – Guitar Solo: Kanahi Yamashita, in collaboration with Carlo Domeniconi has been released. Though Kanahi continues to prioritize her musical career as a guitarist, she wants to broaden her horizons as a singer and accompany herself by implementing vocal music and classical guitar.

Text by Antoni Matteo Garcia