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Broadcast on BR-Klassik „On Stage“

11.11.2023, Saturday from 15:05
on https://www.br-klassik.de/…/ausstrahlung-3317034.html
„Reverie, op.19“ by G.Regondi
Audio production with the Tonmeister, Tim Brikner (Aug.2023 in Studio Franken)
Archiv for 7 days: https://www.br.de/radio/live/br-klassik/programm/2023-11-11/3455959/

Next Concerts

Solo Recital in Nagoya, Japan

05.03.2024, Tuesday at 13:30
Munetsugu Hall 宗次ホール
愛知県名古屋市中区栄4丁目5番14号 〒460-0008

Link: 宗次ホール

Solo Recital in Yokohama, Japan

06.03.2024, Wednesday at 11:30
Philia Hall フィリアホール
青葉台東急スクエア South-1本館5階 〒227-0062

Link: Philia Hall, Yokohama, Japan

Solo Recital in Tokyo, Japan

08.03.2024, Friday at 19:00
Musashino Civic Cultural Hall 武蔵野市民文化会館

Link: 武蔵野文化会館

Solo Recital in Kanagawa, Japan 鵠沼室内楽愛好会

12.03.2024, Tuesday at 19:00
Kugenuma Salon Concert 鵠沼室内楽愛好会
神奈川県藤沢市鵠沼海岸7-7−11 レスプリ・フランセ内 〒251-0037

Link: 鵠沼室内楽愛好会

Solo Recital in Tokyo, Japan 第544回日経ミューズサロン

13.03.2024, Wednesday at 18:30
Nikkei Hall 日経ホール
千代田区大手町1-3-7 日経ビル3階 〒100-8066

Link: 第544回日経ミューズサロン

„Dal vivo“ -Solo Recital-

23.04.2024, Tuesday at 20:00
Kulturhaus Spandau
Mauerstraße 6, 13597
Berlin, Germany

Link: Dal vivo_Berlin Spandau

32nd International Guitar Festival Iserlohn 2024

31.07.2024, Wednesday at 19:30
Oberste Stadtkirche
Kurt-Schumacher-Ring 9
D-58638 Iserlohn, Germany

Link: 32nd Int. Gutiar Festival Iserlohn 2024

Concierto de Aranjuez in Tokyo 都響 プロムナードコンサート No.408

23.09.2024, Monday at 14:00
Suntory Hall サントリーホール
東京都港区赤坂1-13-1 〒107-8403

指揮/藤岡幸夫 (Conductor: Sachio Fujioka)
東京都交響楽団 (Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra)

Link: 都響 プロムナードコンサート No.408

New Video!!

Mitsudomoe for Guitar and Harpsichord
by Keiko Fujiie (2022)

Guitar: Kanahi Yamashita
Harpsichord: Tomoki Kitamura

-Instruments: Harpsichord built by Day & Batell (1978), Guitar by Michael Batell (2022)
-Recording: on 17.04.2023 at Japanese-German Center Berlin

Reverie-Nocturne, Op.19 by Giulio Regondi

-Video: Open Strings Berlin
-Audio: Shintaro Sugiura


3rd prize at the 1st European Bach Guitar Award 2022 in Darmstadt, Germany.

Link: 1st European Bach Guitar Award 2022

CD Release !!

Selected Works VIII – Guitar solo: Kanahi Yamashita – in collaboration with the Guitarist-Composer, Carlo Domeniconi

All titles composed by Carlo Domeniconi for Solo Guitar and played by Kanahi Yamashita.

More information you can find Here!
To order the CD, please contact me from here. Thank you!

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